Dark Holy Crusades is the second Elite Map in Chronicles of Merlin.It contains the following armies:

  • 14 Elite Armies
  • 2 Elite Legions

List of ArmiesEdit

Dark Outpost I (Level 116)
Dark Outpost II (Level 116) Dark Vanguard I (Level 120)
Dark Outpost III (Level 118) Dark Vanguard II (Level 120)
Dark Outpost IV (Level 118)
Dark Outpost V (Level 120)
Dark Outpost VI (Level 120)

Dark Outpost VII (Level 120)

Reward: ATK/DEF +20% (Must drop)

Dark Legion (Level 125)
Dark Main Force I (Level 125)
Dark Main Force II (Level 125)
Dark Main Force III (Level 122)
Dark Main Force IV (Level 122)
Dark Main Force V (Level 122)
Dark Main Force VI (Level 125)
Dark Main Force VII (Level 125)
Dark Main Force VIII (Level 125)
Dark Legion (Level 125)

Dark Baldwin IV (Level 125)

Reward: Dim green chest (Must drop)

If not otherwise noted, the reward for a victory is a White Chest (possible)


  • Attack/Defense Boost +20% - Dark Outpost VII
  • Dim Green Chest (must drop) - Dark Baldwin IV
  • White Chest (possible) - All other armies

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