Gnaeus Agricola

Gnaeus Agricola is a Caesar prestige hero and requires 9,000 prestige to unlock.

Unit Type - Longbowmen: High Dodge Rate. Gambit - Wild Volley: Attack a row of enemies for gambit damage.

Gnaeus Agricola is a fantastic early-mid game hero. He has high bravery, exceptionally high tactics and low magic. He makes for a great anti-siege/gambit hero in the Wedge formation due to his naturally high dodge rate.

His gambit attack, Wild Volley, hits a Row (top to bottom from players perspective) making him comparably good or better than favorites Alfred the Great and Attila the Hun.

Gnaeus is THE gambit hero to use until you get Nero, pairs well with Alfred or Attila.

Gnaeus gains 28 heros per level

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