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Grendels mother

Grendel's mother, another demonic descendant of Cain, attempts to avenge her son's death by attacking Heorot Hall. Later she retreats to her lair, a cave underneath a lake filled with sea monsters. Beowulf follows her to her lair and beheads her with a sword that he finds there.

  • Unit type: Sorceress
  • Spell - Magic Blast : Magic attack, that deals magic damage to a crossing area.
  • Bravery: 79 , Tactics: 98 , Magic: 80

I collected the 8 frags for her in 35 banners. She hits in the same pattern as KA, so row and Column of target, 2-3 targets easy. Depending on the targets Magic rating, she hits for 3.5-5k at 120 with an arti staff. If the hero has weaker enlightenment, she simply destroys. Her attack is fairly balanced with fails, although if you hit 3 with her, hitting 2 of the 3 isn't so bad every time. As far as a late game hero is concerned, she is an awesome choice if you have the staffs. -Phated

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