Harald Hardrada

Harald Hardrad is the first recruitable boss in the Norman Conquest Campaign.

Unit Type - Spearman: Basic Infantry Unit. Gambit - Berserker Rage: Deal gambit damage to a single target while restoring users morale to 100.

Harald Hardrada makes for a decent support gambit hero. Support gambit heroes are those that replenish their own morale (Charlemagne, Marcus, Percival etc.) so that your teams priest can focus on your multi-target gambit hero (Florismart, Nero, Galahad, Alfred etc.) each turn.

His bravery and tactics stats are decent for this point in the game while his magic is low. He gets no unit bonus aside from the base infantry block chance.

Harald was a decent hero before they changed him up in the June update, now he can be passed on.

Harald Tokens

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