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The Transylvania Campaign is the 2nd Branch Campaign and the 6th in terms of difficulty. It contains the following:

  • 3 Normal Armies
  • 4 Elite Armies
  • 1 Non-Recruitable Boss
  • 1 Recruitable Boss
  • Total 9 Armies
  • Transylvania Legion

Upon completion, Treviso Plantation will be unlock in the World Interface.

List of ArmiesEdit

  • Outpost I - Level 35
  • (Elite) Outpost II - Level 37
  • Main Force I - Level 38
  • Main Force II - Level 40
  • Elite Main Force I - Level 39
  • Elite Main Force II - Level 41
  • Elite Main Force III - Level 43 (Reward:Long Axe)
  • Elizabeth Bathory - Level 45 (Reward:Breastplate)
  • Vlad the Impaler - Level 45


The Transylvania Legion contains all 9 armies and 1 additional army raised to level ~47 (Reward: Rare Armor)


Transylvania Equipment Drops

<< Viking Invasion Transylvania

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