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The Trojan Warriors Campaign is the 8th Main Campaign. Defeating Hector  allows access to level 110 regions. It contains the following:

  • 8 Normal Armies
  • 5 Elite Armies
  • 3 Non-Recruitable Bosses
  • 3 Recruitable Bosses
  • 19 Total Armies
  • Trojan Warriors Legion

Upon completion, Besancon Plantation will be unlocked in the World Interface.

List of Armies

Level Reward
Outpost I 70
Outpost II 71
Elite Outpost I 72
Paris 73
Vanguard I 72
Vanguard II 73
Vanguard III 74
Elite Vanguard I 73
Elite Vanguard II 74
Cassandra 75
Helen 75
Main Force I 75
Main Force II 76
Main Force III 77
Elite Main Force I 76 Cimmerian Hauberk
Elite Main Force II 77 Destroyer's Armor
Aeneas 78 Crocea Mors
Circe 79 Longinus
Hector 80


The Trojan Warriors Legion contains the 11 strongest armies raised to level ~82 (Reward: Harpe)


Trojan Warriors Campaign Equipment Drops

<< Greco-Persian Clash Trojan Warriors Hellenic Offensive >>

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