• Quinndagit

    Please follow the following rules or you will be removed

    Rule 1) ALL Slayers must donate MAX each day or speak to me if you have a reason why you can't! (this is 100percent achievable especially at lower levels when you get a HUGE silver stimulus boost every time you upgrade the city hall. Think of the stimulus boosts as a reminder to donate)

    Rule 2) You MUST donate and if you are deemed to be freeloading PW's to get more silver you will get a warning, then gone. Same goes with the perks of not having your farms/mines/subjects attacked. If you aren't a Slayer, then you are fair game!

    Rule 3) DO NOT occupy/steal other Slayers FARMS or MINES. Choose another farm/mine or wait out the timer. If you can't wait out the timer AND there is "15" minutes…

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