Please follow the following rules or you will be removed

Rule 1) ALL Slayers must donate MAX each day or speak to me if you have a reason why you can't! (this is 100percent achievable especially at lower levels when you get a HUGE silver stimulus boost every time you upgrade the city hall. Think of the stimulus boosts as a reminder to donate)

Rule 2) You MUST donate and if you are deemed to be freeloading PW's to get more silver you will get a warning, then gone. Same goes with the perks of not having your farms/mines/subjects attacked. If you aren't a Slayer, then you are fair game!

Rule 3) DO NOT occupy/steal other Slayers FARMS or MINES. Choose another farm/mine or wait out the timer. If you can't wait out the timer AND there is "15" minutes or less, please send a courteous email saying why you did it (ie - was on break at work and couldn't wait the 15 minutes)

Rule 4) DO NOT steal other Slayers SUBJECTS. Be helpful and share subjects around so EVERYONE is conquered and EVERYONE has subject(s). Another way is do to a three-way conquering (eg - A conquers B, B conquers C, C conquers A) so that EVERYONE has subjects AND overlords. This three-way conquering is helpful if you are moving from one region to another with the same players so you can keep the same relationships and work together. Four-way (or more) conquering is also effective but its hard to keep from region to region.

Rule 5) DO NOT announce MAGIC or GRAIN peaks in general chat. Please limit this to ALLIANCE chat only.

Rule 6) NO SCOUTING 3rd/4th scouts unless you have been donating sufficiently, or unless its a free level +51 daily scout.

Rule 7) INACTIVE and NON-DONATING members will be removed to make way for more active and supportive members! If you are gone for a period of time (i.e. - holiday) and return to find you have been removed, please RE-APPLY and state in the application WHY you were inactive, or why you were not donating.

Thank you again and all the best!
Drlove/Drhate and the team

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