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  • Zenzamir

    In my last article, Caesar for Rookies, Part II, you learned how to level your buildings unevenly, scout for a deadly blue horse, and begin collecting prestige in PvP battles. You should have completed the Heavenly Scourge Legion. In this article, we will discuss how to complete the Hundred Years War campaign, meet your five new best friends, and advance to Sarajevo r40.

    For ease of reference, I will sometimes abbreviate Double Horse as H2, and Horse and Blade as H&B.

    After Part II, you are no doubt spending some time plundering your high value opponents in King Arthur and Charlemagne. You should be ignoring green, white and gray targets and focusing your firepower on blue, purple, orange and red targets. If you are attacking green, whit…

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  • Zenzamir

    In my last article entitled Caesar for Rookies, Part I, we examined strategies to accelerate you to the end of Heavenly Scourge Legion. We looked at which heroes and gear to use, and more importantly which ones to skip. You learned how to Island Hop gear, how to supercharge your gambit and about Mulan, the most important early hero for Caesar. So now you've got the Eastern princess with her deadly Arrow Storm. Your next objective is to get an awesome horse and start fighting other players for prestige. To do that, you need to get to level 30 as fast as possible.

    Most guides will tell you to level evenly. That's a slow play strategy. In fast play, you want to level only a few critical buildings. The buildings are, in order of importance: Arm…

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  • Zenzamir

    This is a guide on how to play Ceasar in the early game, up through Greco Persian Clash. It is written for a low silver server, in this case iOS S13 Priest. Many of the players mentioned in this article are members of Justice League, the biggest S13 Caesar alliance. This strategy is a fast play approach for S13, where there are a small number of players, the silver is very low, and the value to advancing quickly is very high.

    Please note in advance that the strategies presented here DO NOT apply to servers with high silver, a large number of players, or servers where many players have become powerful in the r60 range and above. In fact, if you were to attempt a super fast strategy on such a server, you would be hammered endlessly in PvP.


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  • Zenzamir

    Planation Wars (PW) is my favorite part of Chronicles of Merlin. PW is a huge team battle that gives everyone in the alliance a chance to contribute. Everyone gets contribution points and silver, and sometimes grain as well. This is a rookie guide to Plantation Wars, to help them with some of the more confusing aspects.

    Rookies should also read the main Chronicles of Merlin wiki article for Plantation Wars.

    The Plantation Itself

    Every campaign from Viking Invasion Legion to Trojan Warriors Legion has an associated plantation. The CoM wiki also contains a chart of legions and plantations. The field of battle is selected by the alliance Commander or Deputy Commanders. Every player in the alliance can fight in any Plantation War that their allia…

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